This assessment changed at 7.30am when the police reported that the ship now appeared to have broken its back and might be starting to disintegrate. ~ May 26th, 1974 ~ Today we recall one of Newcastle's more memorable storms, the "Sygna storm"... On Thursday May 23rd ~500km southeast of Sydney, a low pressure system formed. At Wamberal and Avoca waves crashed their way into beachfront houses, cascading through rooms and forcing residents to flee. A left-hander that'll make you weak at the knees, Yet another Australian surfer/shark incident in 2020. Another ship, the Man Lloyd, was tied up at Lee Wharf when all 18 of its cables parted (each was brand new polypropylene, 18cm in circumference), and it went drifting into the crowded confusion of the harbour. By 11pm the weather-watchers at Newcastle’s Nobbys signal station were getting very apprehensive and they warned the ships at anchor off the city that the storm was likely to get worse. Williamtown RAAF was put on alert. During its 150-minute peak the gale, with gusts of up to 172 km/h, buffeted the whole region and caused incredible damage. But while the storm was brief, it caused significant damage in the area. A newly finished house in Francis St, Swansea, literally disappeared at the height of the storm. The Last Man in the Mentawai Islands Scores More Insane Covid Barrels, One Week of Empty Perfection: A Video Diary from the Mentawai Islands, What the Mentawai Islands and Banyaks Were Like This August, Surfstitch Surf Check App For Android Phones, Receive the 'Daily Stoke' surf report email for your local break. Much of the eastern seaboard was ravaged by the storm, officially declared a cyclone, and the stern section of the Sygna remains a potent reminder of that day. The wind was blowing most of the spray clear of that area, so he decided to make his approach there. A week after the Pasha Bulker ran aground, another ECL developed off the NSW Central Coast. MV Sygna was a Norwegian bulk carrier built by Austin & Pickersgill for J. Ludwig Mowinckels Rederi in 1967. You Might Also Like. Download from iTunes. But for all that, the hurricane is always known as “the Sygna storm”. Rudolf Olsen, the other Norwegian bulk carrier, almost joined Sygna on the beach, but managed to … It was not until daylight that the magnitude of the damage became apparent. Winds of that speed were not unusual, he thought, and his ship could ride them out without too much trouble. List of shipwrecks: 16 January 1974 Ship Country Description John and Olaf United States The 161-gross register ton, 79.9-foot (24.4 m) fishing vessel experienced icing during a gale in Portage Bay and washed up on rocks in Jute Bay) on the south coast of the Alaska Peninsula inHer entire crew of four perished. All ships anchored off the ports were advised to head to sea. Thank you for listening 2D, any questions or comments? Surfstitch Surf Check - the official Coastalwatch Android app for Australian surfing and coastal conditions. After 4am the Sygna fired a red distress flare which was seen at Nobbys and helped locate the stricken ship. On the Weekend of May 25 and 26 1974, the harbour pool was battered by strong swells as the 'Sygna' Storm pummelled the NSW coast. Privacy Policy & Disclaimer | It's open season as a large easterly swell ramps up across southern Queensland this weekend. Tag: 1974 storm. There's no let-up in SSW groundswell over the winter/spring transition across Indonesia. The Norwegian bulk carrier attracted international attention 42 years ago when the hull was breached 10km north of Stockton during a storm. The storm of 1974 was in many ways similar to the 2007 storm that left the Pasha Read more articles. Wind gusts up to 90 knots and maximum wave heights of 17m were recorded at Newcastle during the storm. 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That’s the piece of weather that those who saw it will never forget. The aftermath: As soon as the storm and the sea subsided, the stern settled in deep water. Figure 1BOM numerical forecast for a Tasman Sea ECL on Friday the 22 nd of May . Dismiss. The cleanup, hampered by continuing rain and bad weather, took weeks. Merewether at left, and Cronulla. The port was left with nothing more than a low-powered domestic radio link. Sygna - 30503 tons; 217.3x32.2x13.3 m.; Built in 1967 . During May 1974 the NSW coast was battered by storm-force winds and heavy seas. By midday a helicopter was taking off from Williamtown and by 3pm the crew had been safely removed. Exactly 46 years ago, on the 21 st of May 1974, a precursor to the Sygna storm was identified as a pool of very cold air over Adelaide (Bridgman 1985). The swells had surged through the heads causing chaos in harbourside suburbs. Contact Us | Shortly afterwards, the skipper of one of the harbour boats reported receiving a weak SOS signal. But at 11pm Captain Lunde was asleep. Ronnie and Vaughan are back for Season 2 of The Hold Down, First Sessions: How the Spanish Rivermouth Almost Suffered a Man-Made Death, A step-by-step guide to the ultimate vanlife, “This Is What the 1970s Must’ve Been Like in Indo.”, "They closed the borders, everything got cancelled, I got shut-in, and I stayed at Supersuck for four months. Welcome to Samoa…. Although a Norwegian inquiry exonerated the ship’s officers from blame, there seems little doubt they’d have saved their ship if they’d turned and run to sea between 11pm and midnight when most of the others did. It better start now. By now the winds were gusting at 80mph. As soon as daylight appeared, Newcastle Water Police took a four-wheel-drive along Stockton Beach to where the ship was stranded. Captain Lunde had already made some contact with the Newcastle pilot cutter and he also sent a telegraph message to his shipping agents in Newcastle. Much of the eastern seaboard was ravaged by the storm, officially declared a cyclone, and the stern section of the Sygna remains a potent reminder of that day. One Swansea home was destroyed by a fire that broke out during the storm, probably as a result of an electrical fault. The aftermath of the Sygna Storm, May 1974.