Just take a pen and then move it horizontally and vertically right in front of the eyes. http://vkool.com/how-to-get-clear-eyes/#:~:text=Indian%20gooseberry%20%28amla%29%20is%20a%20good%20way%20on,eye-related%20problems%20such%20as%20redness%2C%20watering%2C%20and%20itching. Process: Mix the warm milk and honey together well. Homemade eye washes are the best way to relax your eyes, prevent ailments and even cure them without any medical intervention. Next, you open them fast, as wide as possible. Try some simple eye exercises to help your eyes relax and add the shine and sparkle to your eyes. The effect may last for several hours, but they are always followed by rebound dilation,” says Mifflin. //