I am a total fan of Sharon. :)). Eotteokhe? I couldn't feel that she is into her character. You Sekyung bashers are full of shit! To each is own so far I'm giving 9/10 cant wait for New eps. unnie Dec 28 2017 4:56 pm Why must her be a main heroin for this drama? momo Jan 04 2018 3:13 am All well, let's respect the cast. peterh Feb 18 2018 8:22 am shironeko Jan 10 2018 11:21 pm and the start was enjoyable. I actually really like watching SSK. Somehow i felt in love with the storyline and Sharon (SJH) give unique character on this drama. Looking forward for more dramas and movies of him. Seo Ji-Hye! Angel Jan 11 2018 6:30 pm I hated her in BOTWG I couldn’t finish the drama because of her acting. Just becoz she was paired with NJH in BOTWG, she became target of vicious, slanderous, image tarnishing, malicious attacks by those so insanely jealous of her Natural Charm & Beauty? Just love this show ......... sara Dec 15 2017 3:24 am love the cast but not the storyline :(. I have the feeling that this drama has many similarities with Goblin. Review – Black Knight : The Man Who Guards Me This show started off unsteady, but by episode four I was totally hooked and in love. Great chemistry between the two leads. This shooting location of 'Black Knight' is so beautiful. //]]>, //