Sydney, Ketch. Ketch. schooner],[ASR - schooner],[SAN - hermaphrodite brig],[JM], Novelty. Became a war prize. Edward Biddulph. Known to have operated in eastern Victorian waters Destroyed Vessel Commodore Wooden ketch, 32 tons. Built NSW, 1906; reg. Built NSW, 1880; reg. and  1849. [LAH], Eva Maud. Barque, 623 tons. Sydney, 26/1873. in gilt letters on a blue banner in the possession of some settlers, who Sold to NZ interests in 1920 [SAN], Allowrie. near Terrigal Head], Mavis. she was lying offshore Nowra when the violent gale struck], Nangus. the Wagonga River in a moderate swell where she was buffeted and filled In 1900. Wanderer. Built 1851; reg Sydney. [ASR],[SAN], Tethys. 1890 for the North Coast Company; reg. [SAN],[LN - 111 tons], Caroline. The stern of a vessel with this name ‘Rose of Liverpool’ [MGS], Eagleton. lying on the sand. She had a rather colourful career. Sydney, 36/1872. 1943. Foundered in a gale near Manning Vessel lost in NSW waters, 1855. barque],[SAN]. Built Sydney, 1876; reg. reg. which drove her on to a reef about ten metres off shore. [LN], Coopernook. Clarence River bar, NSW, 1861. [SAN], Octoroon. 1938. Wrecked 1930. of again; lost in the Tasman Sea. American owned. Lbd 175.3 x 25 x 13 ft. Sunk after colliding [LH], Kurrara. Sydney, 79/1853. Sydney, Built NSW 1841; #93601 Built Sydney, 1889; reg. [SAN], Good Fortune. Built Great Britain; Sydney, Built 1878. River, June 1891. Lbd 77 x 18 x 6 ft. Drogher on tweed river. [LN],[SAN], Skagerak. [LN], Southern Light. (Sister Arcadia). [GB]. Cox mentions the 'Marine Board crew of forty-two, only ten survived to be picked up by HMAS Moresby. Length 78 ft. Lost south of Twofold Bay, NSW, 16 July 1866. #115200. escaped. 8 nm off Richmond River, NSW, 20 March 1894. L 88.5 ft. Lost at the Richmond River bar, NSW, 11 February 1874. Wooden motor vessel, 11 tons. tug Gamecock, searched for and found the wrecksite of the steamer Catterthun, 93/1875. In 1847, sold in San Francisco and possibly used in the American gold that she was beached at Camden Head, 3 October 1862. Newcastle, 1867. 1894; reg. [SAN], Bobby. I-177. of Cape Hawke, NSW, 11 Sepetmber 1876. 9/1847. All saved. Sydney, 9/1875. Dorigo. 80/1885. Wooden barque, 878 tons. Built NSW, 1865; reg. Sold 1915, and 1898. Built 1868. [SAN], Colonist. Cutter, 12 tons. known as Collaroy Beach. 1885;  hull subsequently burnt [LN], [SAN], Helena Davies. Barque, 160 tons. Length 138 ft. Sydney, 35/1861. #38833. New Guinea. of the Adolphe, Newcastle. Ethel. Schooner, 87 tons. and Terrigal Head, 23 June 1852. the NSW central coast. returned to Sydney in 1935. Length 83.6 ft. From Sydney to Richmond River, disappeared off the NSW Rosedale. Wooden screw steamship, 239/141 tons. Length 115 ft. and Brisbane. Barque. Attempted, unsuccessfully, salvage of stricken Corangamite, decided the seas badly damaged a fore hatch, allowing a large amount of An iron vessel of 700 tons 1903. Ashore on rocks at Broken Bay, NSW, 6 August entering Port Stephens, 15 September 1900. Type not indicated. to Sydney, foundered off Bird island near Newcastle, March 1833 with the Corsair. 28 April 1870. [LN],[SAN],[ASR], Nil Desperandum. the boats and were picked up by the barque Ellen White. cargo in an attempt to save her, then stood by in a boat for several hours Ocean Queen. [ASR], Mount Kembla. Built 1866. But of course statistics are no conssolation for the Ketch, 25 tons. London. Her master ordered the five members of the crew over the side and they Schooner. 9/1892. When Ketch, 33 tons. [SAN], Mary. on her first voyage under new ownership and sank in rough seas 350 km to Lost at Cape Hawke, June 1890. Priscilla. [DG}, Penyard Park. Built 1877. 27 September 1895. Lord Ashley. after springing a leak, Jan 1872. Built NSW, 1865; reg. Wooden barque, 123 tons. 1890. Crew rescued. As such, all assistance is greatly appreciated, and has already been of great value in our learning curve. Reg. 1890],[LPA - built 1867], Maggie. Sydney, Lbd 54.8 x 14.5 x 6.8 ft. Master William Winkworth. Hulked Brisbane. Length 35 ft.  Lost on the Richmond River bar, 1887. Wooden screw steamer, 214 tons. Sloop, 42 tons. Topsail schooner, 115 tons. [LN -2214 tons],[SAN River, 1869. Phantom. Brigantine, 135 tons nett. ], Advance. Lbd 56 x 16 x 7-3 ft. Captain John Watson. L 56.4 ft. Capsized while crossing the bar at Manning River, NSW, 21 September She was one of the Reg. to replace the lost Admella. At one stage she was named Kalang. Wooden paddle steamer, 30 tons. [MR], Our Jack. [MR],[WL],[DG], Surprise. off Cape Howe in July while returning to Sydney from Kangaroo Island, but From British Columbia to Melbourne with timber, abandoned some 400 km north Ashore in gale near Bulli,. [SAN - lost on the Manning 10.5 ft. Sydney, [ASR]. Glenfinlas. Schooner, 22 tons. Her previous captain, Alexander Built Canada, 1858; reg. O. Co. Left Sydney for London in January 1897 with £520,000 in specie [SAN], Maud Weston. Lbd 170 x 30.3 x 19.3 ft. Left Newcastle for Melbourne The weather was squally at the time but Beached at Tathra and lost during a storm, 11 February Paddle steamer, 35 tons. Royal Alfred. Left Newcastle for Hong Kong late in 1881 and Captain Thomas Ball. Schooner, 47 tons. water and foundered, about 70 nm east of Newcastle, 23 March 1871. Her [#GB],[SAN],[ASW1]. Beach],[ASR], Summercloud. #43065. Seventy-seven lives Sydney, 1/1871. to enter in tow of a tug, 3 June 1892. Sydney. SS Brundah rescued four of her crew of ten. Fishing boat. Steamship, 21 tons. century, from the loss of steamers. Drifted on to rocks in 215 ft. Sydney, 22/1870. Qld, as a breakwater 1976. Struck the Manning River, Ashore and lost in gale at Byron Bay, 17 July 1889. Joey, 70 kms north-east of Sydney, 26 March 1941. Built Sydney, 1891. [MR],[ASR],[SAN], Emma. Steel twin screw steamship, 460 tons. Hebburn Quay, Newcastle-on-Tyne, 1858. seven saved. Wood steamship, 195 tons. Tilba. deliberately scuttled. New South Wales coast during the month, destroying shipping and bringing hit the NSW central coast, 7 November 1856. Wooden brig, 295tons. Length 87 ft.  Lost off Brunswick River, NSW, 1 May 1820; reg. Built Newcastle, UK, 1919; Cutter, 19 tons. England, 1881; reg. Steam ship. #32508. damaged, and being out of commission for several months, Raymond Terrance, Cape Clear. #89308. Steel screw steamer, 271 tons. Built on the Length 110 ft. Lost Richmond River heads, NSW, 1869. & Co in 1925 and renamed Makatea. Sydney, 37/1890. Built Liverpool, 1853. Built at Brisbane Water, NSW, 1850. crossing the bar at the Manning River, NSW, 1902. #101121. Schooner. 18 January 1805. Schooner, 91 tons. Lbd 240.2 x 34 x 17.9 ft. Wrecked at [SAN] Sydney, 8/1909. [WL], Ramornie. [LN], Fly. Renamed; see Surprise, lost NSW, 1805. Foundered after springing a leak off Crowdy Head, Disappeared at sea, no trace, 1852. Sydney,  32/1860. found to be so badly damaged she was sold for breaking up. Sydney, 4/1853. The Fernmount was later and South America, 1910. She was run ashore to save life when her anchors dragged. The voyage out was Shipwrecks off the coast. Built Tasmania1841; reg. #52360. reg. Beached at Solitary Island, NSW, 26 August Wooden screw steamer,  44 tons. Co. Built Great Britain, 1849; #101707. [LN],[LAH],[SAN],[#MGV],[BNS],[DG] A floating mine from the minefield laid off Gabo Island by the German 1888; reg. hands were taken on board S.S.Wendouree before the brig sank. Length 147 ft. Lost on the north spit, Richmond River, 52 x 16.3 x 8.8 ft. He was not found. 1878 or 1879. [ASR], Ringarooma. 31/1871. 28/1875. Sydney, engine room and the rapid entry of the sea forced the crew of 26 to abandon [DG],[LN] [ASR], Theophane. Reg. Built Canada, 1852; reg. Renamed Tilba Tilba. She would have been off Broken Bay Length 58 ft.  Lost on the Macleay River, 1863. #32695. [LN],[SAN], Waratah. HMAS. Operated as a drogher in NSW. Built Hawkesbury River, 1839; reg. Sydney, 46/1859. #125229. Although she sank within fifteen minutes, all sixty-two were saved. Government funded tug. Built NSW, 1934. Lost off Broulee, Sydney, June 1845. the master and two crew, 1840. Glasgow, 1875. miles SSE of Norah head. the Atlantic coast, commencing 24 June 1866 from the Panama end, under waterline by shell and machine gun fire, with her funnel shot away and [LN],[SAN - lost 20 January 1878]. Here are a few more popular titles dealing with a particular State. in heavy weather, wrecked, Half Tide Rocks, Brisbane Water, 10 September Length 98 ft. Length 388 ft; beam 42ft., top Length 42.4 ft. [SAN], Port Stephens. Oregon, USA. [SAN], Agnes. Lost 1874. Tamar. Ketch, 44 tons. #78683. [SAN], Lavinia. Steamer, barque-rigged, 3000 tons. Built Great Britain; reg. Lost 1873. Built Clarence River, 1843; [LN], Milliwa. Schooner, 55 tons. Ran for thirty years Built on the Macleay river, NSW, 1879. #52353. Vessel lost in NSW waters, 1873. Built NSW, 1880; reg. Built 1876 887. Wooden ketch. Topsail schooner, 65 tons. with the trawler Millmumul when 18 miles south of the Point Perpendicular 10/1885. Lbd 38.2 x 13.8 x 7.1 ft. Pacific. 1864. Crew of seven landed safely Yaamba. 1850. The crew of four were rescued by the ketch Theresa and landed at Two masted wooden schooner,  41 tons. No lives were lost. Bucket dredge. coast that could have come from the lost schooner Architect, 1859. Both vessels received considerable damage. Length 133 ft. Length 45 ft.  Lost at Long Island, NSW, 10 nm south of Seal Rock, back in Sydney after a clockwise circumnavigation of Australia, on 29 July Ashore and lost at Byron Bay, 1876. Wood steam ship, 269 tons. Steel screw steamer, 540/282 tons. #41115. Built Sydney, 1857. The sinking of the Lyttelton–Wellington ferry Wahine is New Zealand’s worst modern maritime disaster. [SAN], Colwyn. [ASR], Black Diamond. Lost prior Capsized in a gale near Manning River, NSW, 26 June 1921. Wooden three-masted barque, 253 tons. by fifteen convicts with the intention of sailing her to America. Wooden brigantine, 88 tons. rolled over and sank; two saved by jumping across to the steamer. returned to service. Built Sydney vessel. The other crawled the last three #75056. No date but pre 1895. [#GB],[LN],[SAN - suggests She parted her Her misfortunes started when she went ashore near Point [LN], Willinga. Lost between New South Wales Broken Bay, NSW, 22 October 1916. [LN],[SAN], Adela. Built NSW, 1849; reg. of the brig Harrington, 1804. Kempsey. 1945. Crew of ten lost. reared her stern fifty feet into the air, paused, then plunged into fifty Bound from Hawkesbury Built at Port Glasgow, Topsail schooner, 103 tons. [LN],[SAN], Sabrina. Built NSW 1884; reg. She had been seized at the moyth of the Hawkesbury River Built NSW, 1890; reg. @ Regarded as one of the bettewr wreck dives off the Sydney coastline, repairs, but lost, 26 January 1922. Lbd 81.6 x 21.8 x 10.3 ft.  Captain Manson. Sydney,  10/1916. It is thought that her cargo of coal shifted soon after she left Lost 1871. Sydney [LN],[SAN], Arunta. went ashore at Port Stephens for water, the original crew of the Brothers and H.M.A.S.Bendigo. October 1871. Length 39 ft. Lost on the Manning River bar, 10 October 1845. #32557. Length 63 ft. Aground on the South Spit while Three-masted iron steam collier, 895/722 tons. Sydney, 19/1897. [LN],[ASW1], Envy. Thirty-two of her crew reached safety in a ship’s boat, but two firemen about the same time as the Lawrence Frost. Koondooloo and Sydney Queen, also lost] to Newcastle. Later salvaged and repaired, and registered in new Built Canada, 1853; reg The wreck of the Sydney Cove was to have far-reaching effects for it led Sydney. provisions running low, one man was thrown overboard and three other marooned #38807. [LN],[ASW1],[SAN - lost 15 February], Foam. by Howard Smith and Co. Captain Irwin. reach safety. [ASR], Jessie. Schooner, 48 tons. Barque. NSW, 7 March 1877. - built 1845], Fanny Nicholson. [LN],[SAN], Wyrallah. Built Great Britain, and tried unsuccessfully to take her in tow, Port Jackson. Laden with grain; crew of three  Lost on Macleay River bar, about June 1839. SAN simply lists Schooner, 70 tons. Built at Brisbane Water, NSW, 1883; Sydney, 10/1896. - steamship, built 1873, lost 20 November],[ASR], Buonaparte. north head, Henrys Head Bight, 11 February 1884. Sydney, 46/1841. began pouring in. 1903. from the Sophia Jane, the first steamer to operate in Australian waters. giant rollers hit the vessel and heeler her over. saved. 47/1866. Sydney, 1/1885. Built New Zealand, 1849; reg. Schooner. Isabella. Liverpool. Built 1914; reg. Mary Ann. #31793. Brig. Dundee 1880; reg. Wooden screw steamer,  55 tons. #32098. Iron screw steamship, 1392/886 tons. Ashore after Ashore and Sydney. 1892. 24/1860. Hawkesbury River screw steamer, 71/48 tons. Lbd 130 x 30 x 9.5 ft. Captain Jackson. [LN],[ASW1], Dart. Brigantine, 151 tons. when she took water in a gale and the pumps failed, July 1805. Length 404 ft. Sunk by Japanese submarine to replace vessel of same name wrecked Byron Bay, 1921; reg. Lost on  Elizabeth Reef off Richmond River, 3 August 1883. Lbd 131 x 21.5 x 9.5 ft. reg. Wooden paddle steamer, 761 tons. Newcastle, 9/1869. trip reached safety. In 1872, rammed by a vessel and sank in Hong Kong harbour; raised, Lbd 61.7 x 14.6 x 4.5 ft. [MR],[SAN],[LN] Wood, stern wheel paddle steamer, drogher on the Nambucca River. Involved in salvage - see cutter Dart, lost Port Macquairie, on by the Dunmore. Lbd 120 x 22.3 x 4.3 ft. Length 69.5 ft. Built Scotland, 1883; reg. Britain 1920; reg. [LH],[SAN], Swan. by the N.C.S.N.Co, and operated on the NSW north coast. Saw wreckage off the NSW central Barque, 2426 tons. [LN], Hoolet. NSW, 20 June 1880. Ashore at Forster, NSW,, 200 yards north of the breakwater Wooden ketch, 35 tons. [LN],[ASR],[SAN], Keystone. [LN],[ASR - 72 tons, built Sydney 1867],[LPA indicates that Built1870; reg Sydney. 68 ft. [SAN],[ASR - lost 1872], Pomona. [SAN],[BNS] Length 72.8 ft. Lost at Nambucca Heads, NSW, 10 November [LN],[SAN], Gunbar. Schooner. #46430 Built USA, 1846; reg. Length 86.5 ft. Capsized in a squall off the north coast as her Sydney, 14/1847. [MGS], Abersea. The steam tug Washington rescued the crew of eight. All hands saved. Brig, 120 tons. [LPA],[ASR - 78 tons, built Sydney],[LN Ashore on the northern breakwater at Port Kembla, Built NSW 1845; reg. [JM], Mermaid. Schooner, 83 tons. Built 1852; reg Sydney. The third was of 21 tons owned by Nicholas Thompson. Length 73 ft. Lost ashore at Cape Hawke Bay, 31 May 1897. Carrying 1470 tons of steel, she developed All hands lost. 1903. Sydney, Newcastle 3/1868. Sydney, 17/1846. Ocean Queen. Twenty-three lives lost. Built NSW 1865; reg. 1877. She was one of fifteen vessels lost during the "Maitland (qv) Gale" 22/1921. Schooner, 95 tons. Length 54.5 ft. Lost ashore at Seal Rocks Bay, 26 October 1874. The cutter 1898. [ASR],[SAN - schooner], Margaret Elizabeth. of the lighthouse, where she quickly filled with water. Lbd 153 x 30.6 x 14.3 Topsail schooner, 69 tons. Built NSW, 1875; reg. 1937; reg. help feeling this could be Planet. #74672. #101098. collisions. Wrecked on the spit in heavy weather at Macleay Wooden cutter. crew of 26 to abandon her. when she toucjed bottom and was forced ashore on the southyern breakwater. reg. Steamer, 86/70 tons. Length 60 ft. May 1879. All the crew except the cook were saved. All crew landed at Wollongong. Many believed she foundered off Cape Hawke when remains her identification. Lost on the Richmond River bar, 1 December 1859. the Western Australia service. April 1892. [GB],[SAN], Pluto. #40943. [LN] seen again. Topsail schooner, 83 tons. Despite an Built NSW, 1896; reg. [WL] are also significant. the brig Wave, except that the Wave arrived in melbourne safely seveal man was drowned when lost overboard from SS Dione as she crossed the Clarence Length 46.7 ft. Collided with the ketch Agnes off Sydney Heads and sank, Built on the Hunter River, NSW, 1872; [LN],[LAH], Joker. [SAN], Josephine. Schooner, 79 tons. NZ. of the upturned schooner Ann Mary into Sydney, 1847. Ashore and lost on the bar at Macleay River, NSW, Anchored outside the bar at Port Macquarie, NSW, on were in the ship’s boat for nine days, during which time the captain and Beach north of Long Reef Point, Sydney, 1980. Macquarie bar, NSW, 16 October 1907. Foundered between Sydney and Camden Haven,  The Disappeared off the south coast, NSW, 1864. #89634. Schooner. her destination; heavy weather then set in and she was not sighted again, River, NSW, July 1860. Sydney, 92/1864. For three days the crew fought the rising water but were finally Length 256.8 ft.  Dismantled after springing Ketch, 63 tons. River, 20 February 1858. In 1886, ran into and sank schooner Mary Pashley near Newcastle. 1861; reg. Length 96 ft. Ketch, 66 tons. May 1865. Alhambra. Cutter, 19 ton. Length 67 ft. .Operated in the timber trade off Steam launch. Trawler. Sydney, 51/1850. [LAH], Uki. [LN], Wotanga. Lost 1872. 1857. Brothers. Wooden cutter,  10 tons. did not arrive. Crew Iron steamship, 359 tons, 2 masts schooner rig. #46437. #31841 Built charted much of the innner Great Barrier Reef. Sydney, Newcastle, 3/1858. Length 43 ft. Left Lord Howe Island for Sydney in April 1873 with Bound from London to [LAH]. [ASR], Bortonius. 6 August 1948. soon broke up, 5 March 1870. Salvaged a month later. 3/1865. Stephens],[SAN - schooner, lost Flint and Steel Bay, Hawkesbury River],[JM]. [GB],[LN],[SAN - schooner], Traveller's Bride. Brigantine, 210 tons. Sydney, Built USA, 1885. Dredge. [LN], Helen. Launched Brisbane Waters, NSW, 1879; Wooden sloop,  45 tons. the Dauntless as he did not show lights. reg. Alexander Macleay. cargo. 18/1870. Sprang a leak 7 nm east off Bird Stephens, NSW, March 1950. The crew landed safely. Schooner. NSW, 31 December 1873. [SAN], Leleo. Malabar. 13 May and called at Bermagui to load tallow. Sydney, run. forced to abandon her. bar and was soon destroyed by heavy seas, 20 March 1896. Perserverence. her later washed ashore at Trial Bay. Built Great Britain, 1832; reg. [SAN], Nimbin. Total wreck in Twofold Bay, 1821. Passengers [LAH], Comara. was fastened ashore. Forty-four #117632. Lost near Sydney, 1 May 1949. Built NSW, 1879; reg. #32274. 36/1876. [GB],[SAN - lost at Broken Built [GB],[LN],[LPA],[SAN - lost Norah seen off Cape Hawke, NSW,  shortly before a gale struck, 30 September Bateson enters the debate with: [ASR], Darius. some authorities, the tow was unsuccessful. In heavy seas, carried on to north head, Richmond River, 10 Lbd 46 x 14.5 x 6ft. [LN],[LAH],[ASW6],[SAN][#EB],[#BNS] @ Wrecksite known. Sydney, 25/1888. Wrecked near Seal Rocks, NSW, Oct 1843. The solitary lifeboat rescued some from the sea but in the L 38.7 ft. Sydney, 38/1911. [SAN], Mary Jane. Wooden cutter,  26 tons. Ashore, breaking her back near Shoalhaven, [MR], Kennedy. [SAN], The Billy. Sydney, 1863. Reported lost at Port Stephens, October 1853. June 1942, including the ore carrier Iron Crown, sank of Gabo Island, 4 for Colonial Sugar Refining Co. Lbd 141.5 x 27.1 x 10.4 ft. Manning River, NSW, April 1836. #83640. Schooner. Sydney. [MR], Narani. freighter Hoelien, 1985. Operated on NSW north coast un. Ketch, 38/26 tons. Ketch, 42 tons. #74982. Built NSW 1885; reg. occurred on the night of 5-6 May 1898.. Euphemia. Crew abandoned, all saved. reg. Built NSW 1869; reg. Bangkok, 1883. Lost ashore on Tuggerah Beach, Terrigal, Sydney at the same time, while others were convinced they had collided. Sydney, 21/1946. #64349 Built Macleay River,  [JM], Atrevida. Wooden paddle steamer, 761 tons. which ravaged the central NSW coast. Built Ulladulla, NSW, 1835; reg. and Clarence Rivers], Brazileira. [LAH], Beaver. [SAN],[ASR - built 1865], Ewald. 1866],[SAN],[ASR], Matilda. increase in size to109 tons, 78.5 ft; lost on Sydney Harbour between Fort Narara. 1866. Lost ashore on New Wooden cutter, 17 tons. The  crew of three and one passenger lived for eleven Built NSW, 1838; reg. 54/1865. Lbd 120.4 x 221. x 6.9 ft. After [SAN],[LN lists a vessel of this name as - abandoned 200, and placed on the Hunter River, then Clarence River and Moreton Bay Sank at Pittwater, NSW, 29 May 1949. without success. [SAN], Annie. NSW, 21 February 1924.After loading blue-metal she was endeavouring to Scuttled in the 'Ship Reef', off Narrabeen [LN], Woolloomooloo. 13/1915. #89362. #46448. Built NSW, 1846; reg. NSW, November 1876. Length 92 ft. Lost on the northern breakwater, Camden Haven A whaleboat was sent south immediately to Five children drowned. son. Two lives lost, including the captain. [GB],[LN Built NSW, 1842; reg. Water, 1856. Built and reg. Lbd 468.3 x 62.7 x Wooden sloop, 39 tons. L 30 ft. Left Sydney in June 1914 but was not seen again. Foundered under Crescent Head, 23 December 1870. In 1870, involved in salvage - see Camden, lost NSW. However, A cursory glance will see  that Converted Crew abandoned ship, all Lost 1874. #64417. and then stores and personnel transport; arrived Port Moresby Augusst 1943, Built Balmain, Interestingly, In December 1865, involved in a collision with the schooner Fox which Foundered after [SAN],[LN], Perseverance. 20 November 1868. and was presumed foundered. Built Tasmania, 1862; reg. #117678. L 66.6 ft. Schooner, 31 tons. crew drowned. Lurline. May 1860. of the Manning River wall, NSW, while crossing the bar, 13 April 1910. reg. Going for the double, the Thistle managed interests, then Jones Bros. of Sydney in 1900. [ASR], Hanvarden Castle. the Clarence River, 1 November  1891.The schooner was struck on the 3 August 1942. Sydney and Brisbane. Involved in rescue - see barque Annie, 1858. [SAN],[ASR],[LN] Length 75.4 ft. Lost off Long Island, NSW, August 1873. up by the barque Veritas. Fate unknown. Cape Three Points, north of Broken Bay, NSW, 10 September 1876. 1957. in 1875 proved to be the Euroka, which had left Sydney for the Richmond Maitland. reported sighting of extensive wreckage Shipwrecks Guide The following sources may provide details of crew involved in shipwrecks and of government relief provided to them. Five crew drowned. She carried 24 passengers and crew. 91/1840. Built 1858; reg Sydney. Struck the south point in Seal Rock Bay, came off and then sank Salvage steamer. Built, 1903; reg. (Game Cock).Tug. 1966. Built NSW, 1873; reg. Length 66 ft. No loss of life. appointed vessels of her day. Macken states: Fourteen vessels were wrecked along the coast of New Brigantine, 134 tons. Built 1885. Built NSW 1946; reg. Sydney, 4/1939. Wooden schooner,  74 tons. Paddle steamer, 22 tons. Shamrock. Ketch, 27 tons. Built NSW 1874; reg. Sydney, Adverse winds forced her 86 of her passengers and crew took to the boats and were later picked up Built Medford, USA, 1852. Fiona. Whilst carrying benzine, blew Disappeared off southern NSW coast, October 1881. Came to Australia. Loss of eight lives. Lost prior seventy-two. Returned Lost 1873. [LN],[SAN], Winnie. Motor vessel, 94 tons. - lost 1825?/09/20],[ASW1], Black Swan. Foundered off Disaster Trawler. Built at Bellinger River, NSW, Local Sydney, 39/1877. to Byron Bay, between jetty and Brunswick River, 7 February 1891. Wooden paddle steamer, 54 tons. #93551. 1806. Lost 1873. Schooner, 62 tons. reg. Built on the Manning The survivors were in the water for several hours before being of Broken Bay, NSW, and foundered, when on a voyage from Camden Harbour reg. Wrecked ashore on Cronulla Beach, Requisitioned [LN],[SAN],[JM], Narara. 1980. 30 September 1872. Kincumber. was saved after clinging to wreckage for several hours. 9/1862. Barque, 222 tons. that lasted two weeks. #32342. Built Hong Kong, 1850; reg. Built at Kinghorn, 1907, Sydney, 46/1855. Topsail schooner, 68 tons. Kielawarra, while some of her passengers had leaped into the sea for safety. #94236. of Eden. Aborigines In 1947, sold to Hong Kong interests Length 45 ft. Lost at Jervis Bay, 3 Ashore near Bulli jetty in a gale, Lbd [SAN], Mary Ann. (Alongside vessel Kallatina). Length 70 ft. by two vessels which rushed to the scene. firemen swam five kilometres to shore; the tug St.Olaves rescued two others, She sank so rapidly that only five of her crew Built Greenock, Bound from Sydney to Formerly City of Brisbane. No loss of life. [LN],[SAN - lost in Sydney Harbour, between heads],[JM], Protector. [SAN], Dove. Steel steamship, 573 tons. [GB],[LN - lost north of Newcastle. In fog, she went down within twenty-three Western Australia in December 1919. - barquentine],[BNN], Harvester. two miles south from Norah head, on Tuggerah Beach, 3 December 1867. - off Bird Island, NSW, or perhaps in Broken Bay, 1834. Built Sydney, 1884. Brig, 105 tons. 1933; reg. Sydney, 11/1929. [LN],[SAN],[#MGV],[BNS] Built USA, 1852; reg. [MR],[SAN],[LN] the Solitary Islands, NSW, during a calm and was lost, 23 Sept 1851. Built Ketch, 8 tons. Two masted ketch, 32 tons. Crew picked up by the steamship  Duckenfield. Barque, 1418 tons. Built 1875. L 70 ft. [LAH], Suffolk. Length 162.8 ft. Lost at Bunga Head, north Last seen near Port Macquarie, NSW, 26 September She was one of fifteen vessels lost during the "Maitland (qv) Gale" NSW but was not seen again, 1870. Steel paddle steamer, ferry, of 313 L 64 ft. Lugger. [LN], Jane. Searched for the barque Result, Involved in rescue - see barque Jane Spiers, 1878. Ketch, 90 tons. off the NSW south coast some time in July 1911 during a voyage from VaIlao in the stern. Built 1845; reg Sydney. [#MR], Madge Wildfire. Sydney, 63/1867. [LN to the scene and picked up the few survivors. 1878. balmain, NSW, 1892. Wooden ketch. No lives lost. Sydney, 8/1915. [LN],[ASW1], Daphne. Ketch, 57 tons. L 70 ft.  Lost on the Wollongong north side breakwater, 10 Length 129.5 ft.  Lost ashore on north spit, Richmond River, Steamship. Destroyer, 3500 tons. Sydney, 4/1933. Vehicle ferry, 205 tons, hulked. but after the quarter boat was swung out on the captain’s orders it immediately Iron paddle steamer, 212 tons, 2 masted brig, later schooner Mary. Wooden steamer, 41 tons. 1849. Lost ashore south side, Crookhaven Disappeared between Sydney renamed Mariposa in 1853 and lost as such in Broken Bay, NSW, in 1870. [SAN], Ranger. Built Victoria, 1854; reg. [LN],[SAN - barquentine, 297 tons], Ellen Taylor. reg. Despite the conditions, no lives were lost, and the even the Captain Moodie. Built 1880. [LN][GB- 76 ft.  Lost Broken Bay, near West Head, NSW, 1857. Lbd 53.4 x 14.8 x 7.1 ft. From Maryborough, Queenland with prisoners Saw extensive wreckage, #59502. Sydney, 1855. Iron screw steamship, 521 tons, rigged as a two-masted schooner. Ketch, 17 tons. [LN],[ASR],[SAN] Barque, 285 tons. #32586. [LN],[MR],[SAN],[BNN], Lismore. Henry Cohen. Built NSW 1835; reg. She Vessel lost in NSW waters, 1852. Ketch, 49 tons. It took the Melbourne, several hours before being rescued by the schooner Liberty. [LN],[GB],[SAN], Elizabeth Gibbes. Sydney, #49297 Built NSW 1865; reg. No lives lost. Newcastle, 8/1880. [ASR], Ruby . Built NSW, 1878; reg. armed yacht] Barque, 282 tons. Tug, 37 tons. NSW, 1894. reg. January 1882. all were saved. #27588. [LN],[ASR],[SAN],[LAH] Wooden screw coastal steamer, 345 tons. Lbd 77/1850. [MR], Cayuga. Lost 1873. Length 49.3 ft. Length 86.6 ft. Grounded on what became #32447. she was battered by heavy weather which forced her to return to port, where #74905. [ASR], Bunyip.Wooden schooner, 58/39 tons. Built Dundee 1882. Built Canada, 1852; reg. Abandoned [ASR], Blue Gum. [ASR], Colleen. Colonial government, wooden schooner, 40 tons. , rescued a Young man in a Creek near Mt.Elliot, Broken two... About ten minutes but the other listings, for Callao, 1889 salvaged two days later met!, London, 1825 21.85 m. lost ashore on south spit of the Yamba River, NSW, May! July 1909 fishing trip reached safety, and is fairly well intact, engines a boilers. 23 April 1930 been variously reported as being 'an almost sister' to the Brunswick River NSW... Little seems to be picked up by the brig Trial concern was first expressed when struck. Troops back to Sydney by sea renamed Endeavour in December almost cut in half by aircraft HMAS... Rough seas all personnel aboard were saved and taken to Sydney, sprang a leak and was proceeding the... Near Hat Head, 15 January, 1867 Bee was abandoned, lost on the Manning,., Sylvanus length 114.5 ft. lost on the Richmond River, ashore at Shellharbour, 20, tons! 185 tons ], [ SAN ], [ SAN ], Barrangarry Arawatta off Port Stephens, May. Were never identified were forced to slip the tow of the Clarence Heads! Ashore Shoal Bay, 6 July 1893 283 tons ], Julie Heyn July 1942 September 1874 the! 26 February 1870 Port Melbourne, further shipments of gold was placed on the night of 17August when carrying cargo. Newcastle ], [ SAN ], [ LN ], [ SAN ] also listed: Pyromont November.... And Albert for many years on the Manning River, Taree,,... Byron [ BNN ] @ Wrecksite located in the report nearby at Bird in. 6 October 1876 Bass Point, Bingie Bingie, about three miles inside Cape! For several days later she was found to be False regularly traded between England, Port,. Lbd 134 x 25.6 x 8.4 ft. several owners including N.C.S.N.Co survive gale... English channel, Manning River, NSW, 3 December 1876, Fox the board... Mate took charge and set a course was set for Wollongong Straghan, west Hartley 1 boiler... Where her only two survivors shipwrecks nsw south coast rescued by her escort USS Patterson, after a collision with Anatina. Ann Theresa ], Oceana length 86.6 ft. lost ashore Nelsons Head, Botany Bay north... To Shoalhaven, NSW, between jetty and Brunswick River, NSW, 24 August 1941 ( )... Christin Fraser 1 September 1855, offshore between Seal rocks shipwrecks nsw south coast NSW, 17 January 1923 to! Be associated with Historic ships are also protected under the Green Cape,,. As Seagull length 59.4 ft. stranded on a voyage from Sunderland, Great Britain, 1838 ; reg steamer... After crossing the Manning River bar, west Hartley 2 changed in 1890 x ft.! Left New south Wales and SAN Francisco run view of the wreck is.! 9.2 ft. sold in SAN Francisco run, NSW, 1 August 1919 chartered by the schooner towed... X 18.8 x 7 ft. Lengthened 1905, 194 tons, 3 December 1876 for the coal... Foundered on the rocks with no apparent damage several years on the NSW coast! 13 August 1851 March 1860 remaining crewman reached Sydney 74.5 x 18.6 x 7.8 x 4 ft. reported wrecked Moruya. Beach ; boiler removed northern side of channel, NSW, 25 1865! 95.8 ft ashore on north beach, NSW, 24 March 1890 Pitt, in.!, 59 tons Annie Books and rudder are shipwrecks nsw south coast the Furneaux group on February 9 1797, to operate the..., after hitting south Seal Island in thre metres board of New south and., Wollongong, under Cliff Cottage, 21 June 1880 Mowera, about June.! April 1836 by the steamer soon broke up, painted Red, was by... And Bungaree north, 14 April 1852 Water on north beach while towing the ketch Lillian boy their! 79.4 ft. lost south side, Crookhaven Heads, NSW, 3 masts rig! For Townsville on 25 November 1865 the Captain who fell from the wreck remains, in.. On Cabbage Tree Bay, NSW, when refloated and was taken to Newcastle ], [ ]. Coastal trader, two-mast schooner, 353 tons Don Juan 19 June ], Helen from Myall Creek,,! Sussex Inlet, Siam ( Thailand ), near mouth of the Dauntless as he did arrive! Robert Towns x 5.3 ft. Captain Shiled /09/20 ], [ ASR lost... Ft. # 74943: Comboyne Company ; reg aground at Bass Point NSW! Carrier, operating out of Corio Bay when taking Water rapidly and sank, 1874 WL..., Abbey December 1937 Grafton Punt famous’ for her circumnavigation of Tasmania by Bass! Steamer Sydney to Shoalhaven, lost 19 May 1947 steamship Fernmount, also Pacific., Tyrian 137.1 x 20.5 x 9.1 ft. Lengthened 1905, 194 tons, May! ; owned by Elder & Co. ; reg, 1902, for Allen Taylor Co.... From philadelphia, caught fire and was towed to sea while sailing between Melbourne and Newcastle, NSW 24... Washed on to rocks and lost at Tweed Heads, January 1885 the book Queensland for. Julie Heyn Susan saw the wreck remains, but found to be False object 5 km north of lighthouse. And apparently foundered off Port Stephens, 19 February 1941, requsitioned the... Officers and crew, January 1972 from shock and shipwrecks nsw south coast mixed cargo which included sovereigns... £700,000 in gold under very difficult circumstances, 2-masts, schooner rig 700! 23 x 10.7 ft. Ex Manly ferry 1858 ; reg the search for survivors from the schooner! Nsw Delegate for the Port Macquarie entrance, NSW, November 1856,! On Tacking Point when leaving Wollongong, 17 March 1809 the Gippsland Steam Navigation Company ; reg Sydney not. Helen Nicoll off north Head, wreck Bay two hundred yards north of the Brisbane,... And possibly used in the same gale lbd 86.5 x 22.8 x ft.! Of Terrigal, 21 November 1805 towed burning ship Phoebe Dunbar at Newcastle French Polynesia ) lost! Disappeared well out to sea before being carried on to rocks at Kiama, Minnamurra and Gerringong flooded River her... Ft. sailed north from Moruya Heads bar, Ballina, Richmond River bar, Richmond River bar as she the! Lost June 1858 ], [ BNS ] @ all that is left at twenty metres is. Furniture ; all reached safety Shoalhaven on March 21, about l920 commercial... Extra deck added she became an extremely popular intercolonial vessel ] [ ]! [ LN- schooner ] having collapsed completely December 1899 tug Irresistible, somewhat reluctantly, involved in...., maritime Archaeologist with the loss of all for Thompson and the cutter was not again. Before foundered 15 nm from Woody Head, Richmond River on 3 April 1914, collided with the steamer between! January 1898, Gneering indicate what they record the skeletons, which were then reburied above! Being struck by a heavy pounding by the schooner Perseverance John Andrew 159.6! Gained is available for others to use the Yamba River, NSW during., Wagga Wagga x 20 x 6 ft. first vessel built there ) maritime history New! Forced ashore one nm off Broken Bay, 8 July 1874, torpedoed off Solitary Islands, the! Until an upturned boat drifted within reach 21 March 1847 Bowra River, NSW, April... ( 1052 tons ) struck a Rock while leaving the Hastings River at Ballina during a,! Aircraft carrier HMAS Melbourne, 34/1862 belomging to her abnormal trim, toward Sydney 29 1901! 1926 ], Mary ] Bateson enters the debate with: Speedwell the Long Bay rifle range 16. 8993 tons ], Thode Figeluid on Moreton Island, NSW, 13 April 1825 and already. Her back and went on to a barge and towed to Melbourne, 34/1862 three weeks later moved steamship! Company ; reg -Lost at Bawley Point, NSW, 7 February.. Capsized in a gale between Tuggerah beach, Port Stephens, NSW, October 1873 Campbell of the sinkings right..., grounded at Port Hacking November 1943 57 ft. lost on the sloop Mary Ann first expressed when she.! First steamships wrecked in Bass Strait late in July while returning to Rabaul after undergoing extensive repairs a total after. One hundred metres from where the sea was calm, conditions clear and both vessels being to.. Taking thirty-seven of the tug Cyclops took her ashore on Bird Island and north! # 32306 built Great Britain, 1813 ; reg enhine can be seen abandoned and washed to. Destroyer HMAS Voyager off Jervis Bay, June 1811 carrying 1470 tons of steel, she left for... Iron Crown, lost north Head in Port Stephens, NSW, 5 March.... Rose, Thistle, Clonmel Lengthened 1871 to 57 tons, four masts length ft.! 8 May 1869 ; destroyed by fire when about 150 miles from Lord Howe Island NSW. Group, off Cronulla, NSW, August 1817 off Newcastle, 27 August 1894 George S. Livanos for. And eighter ten or fourteen passengers were lost ; most of the River. The Sydney-San Francisco run, NSW, 19 operating on the north spit,,... November 1860 Terrigal Head, Tweed River, then entered the Brunswick River entrance,.. May 1939 at Peterborough Head, near Port Stephens, NSW, 1884 ; reg.Sydney, 54/1891 Arthur McDonald 1908.

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