As Hal Jordan battles Krona, Sinestro hears him as he declares his dedication to the cause of the Green Lanterns and is inspired to join his old enemy in battle. Combatte la Prima Lanterna, che viene infine uccisa dalle forze combinate di Jordan e di un rinato Nekron. [49] When Simon Baz enters the Dead Zone during a fight with Black Hand, a way out is provided by Green Lantern B'dg. His actions are a reminder of why the ring chose each of us - to overcome fear, and destroy evil wherever it may hide. He decides to lead the league away, along with Lyssa Drak, in order to save the planet. The alien was mortally wounded and apperantly dying. It is heavily implied that Toris is none other than Sinestro himself. Sinestro defeats her, but makes it appear she has defeated him. This can be good with special attacks when catching your opponents off guard. However, Jordan escaped and defeated Sinestro on Oa, who was placed in a green energy container which would orbit the Universe by the power of many Green Lanterns, but he escaped with a power ring hidden in his boot. [45] Black Hand engages Sinestro and Hal in combat, whereupon the Guardians arrive and command Black Hand to kill both Green Lanterns. Ganthet reveals this is the Entity, the living embodiment of the life force of the universe. As the various corps part ways, Sinestro notes that Larfleeze himself has changed, as he actually returns Lex Luthor to the other gathered Corps rather than keeping Luthor for himself after he was forced to briefly share his power with the bald billionaire. [44], The two then retrieve the Book of the Black to glean information about the future, but it inadvertently takes them to the evil Black Hand. Hal Jordan alone is able to avoid the book and escapes with the other "New Guardians's" rings. [18][19], After escaping the assault by the Red Lanterns, Sinestro finally reaches his homeworld of Korugar. Appena arrivato su Zamaron, Sinestro prende immediatamente parte alla battaglia in corso tra i membri del suo corpo e gli Zaffiri stellari, scontrandosi con Carol Ferris, che nel frattempo ha riassunto il suo ruolo nell'esercito delle Zamaron; nel corso della lotta, la donna lo rinchiude in un cristallo zaffiro: qui assistiamo ad un flashback del passato del korugariano, in cui vengono mostrati alcuni attimi del suo amore per Arin Sur, sorella di Abin, dal primo incontro alla morte della donna. Unire le forze dei Sette Corpi sembra essere la sola soluzione per sconfiggere le Lanterne Nere; sancita la tregua con le Lanterne Verdi, Sinestro, pur riluttante, affiderà ad Hal Jordan il ruolo di leader della coalizione. [53] Sinestro vanishes and leaves Arkillo in charge of the Sinestro Corps. He is also revealed to have masterminded the death of Kyle Rayner's mother by having the sentient virus Despotellis invade her as part of a plot to break Kyle's will so that he can become Parallax's latest host. [76] Having learned that the "Flashpoint" is a moment when all of history will be changed, Sinestro travels to Earth to confront Abin Sur, determined to find the "Flash" who changed history and use his power to reset the universe to what he believes it should be. Though Katma Tui eventually grew into one of the most respected Green Lanterns, she and the rest of Korugar initially resisted her appointment to the Corps; due to Sinestro's actions, Korugar had come to consider the symbol of the Green Lantern Corps an emblem of terror and oppression. Future State: Green Lantern #1 reveals that Jessica Cruz has mastered her fear enough and figured out how to use it as a weapon against the Sinestro Corps that she's earned a place in their ranks, along with her own Sinestro Corps Ring. However, he was clearly a dictator who drove his wife Arin to suicide and lost his daughter as a result of his actions. Nemmeno Sinestro poté nulla contro la furia di Hal, che lo uccise ed entrò all'interno della batteria principale, assorbendone il potere e divenendo il potentissimo Parallax. Upon his defeat, Sinestro is given the chance to choose his fate. Since you are already here then chances are that you are looking for the Daily Themed Crossword Solutions. One day while he was on one such site, a Green Lantern named Prohl Gosgotha crash-landed into the site, injured and apparently dying. [57], Sinestro then travels to a monastery on a planet. The Green Lantern and Sinestro Corps now under Soranik Natu form an alliance against the encroaching Dark Multiverse. Sinestro riattiva il suo Corpo ed uccide tutti i Guardiani dell'Universo (tranne Ganthet, che si ricongiunge a Sayd presso il covo di Larfleeze), prima di ritirarsi nello spazio profondo. He dives into the white energy and emerges as a figure all in white, declaring he is about to show the universe he truly is the "greatest Lantern of them all". As he fights Krona, a green power ring comes to him, making Sinestro a Green Lantern once more. When dealing with an artificial intelligence based on the dead son of its creator, Wonder Woman faced a duplicate of Sinestro created by the A.I. The cockpit is set upfront with a white pilot chair. As the yellow ring only "spoke" Sinestro's native language, Guy was unable to communicate with it, although it seemed to understand him to a degree. Sinestro si è qualificato quindicesimo nella lista dei "100 più grandi c… He was one of the greatest Green Lanterns in history, but believing that the Guardians were unfit to keep peace and order across the universe with them simply capturing and arresting criminals instead of exterminating them, an so, he betrayed them. The Ame-Comi Girls universe version of Sinestro is a girl named Sinestra. Green Lantern, nuovi dettagli su Simon Baz e Jessica Cruz per la serie tv di HBO Max! He then tells her that they must work together to stop the Blackest Night. [51], When Kyle Rayner and Carol Ferris arrive at Korugar's remains, Sinestro attacks, but immediately notices that Kyle is now a White Lantern. Questo espediente lasciava aperta la possibilità di un sequel, che non fu prodotto, visto l'insuccesso del film. When the last surviving Guardian, Ganthet, gave the last remaining power ring to Kyle Rayner, Sinestro became obsessed with the young Earthman, realizing that despite Jordan's downfall, his plot to extinguish the Green Lanterns' light had failed. The visual design of Sinestro, according to artist Gil Kane[73] was based upon British actor David Niven. Mentre il suo esercito, conclusa la guerra con le Lanterne Nere, fa ritorno su Korugar, Sinestro resta sulla Terra, in cerca della nuova manifestazione dell'Entità della Vita, trovandola a Silver City: una Batteria del Potere Bianca; dopodiché, il korugariano va in cerca di Hal Jordan e Carol Ferris, conducendoli presso la sua scoperta. [67] His Corps has captured Green Lantern Guy Gardner, instead of Hal. The Guardians were unaware of his actions.[3]. In retrospect, it is assumed that this version of Sinestro is another hard light construct created by Parallax at Sinestro's behest, as the fear entity is still bonded to Jordan's soul during his time as the Spectre, continuously breaking his will. Mentre provano, invano, a sollevare la Lanterna, questa sembra quasi animarsi e, dopo aver chiesto ai tre di "Aiutarla a Vivere" affida loro la missione di trovare le Sette Entità dello Spettro Emozionale: Ion (avatar della Volontà), Parallax (avatar della Paura), Ofide (avatar dell'Avarizia), Massacratore (avatar della Rabbia), Proselito (avatar della Compassione), Adara (avatar della Speranza) ed il Predatore (avatar dell'Amore); quindi trasporta i tre a New York, dove, nel frattempo, è giunto Atrocitus, anch'egli in caccia delle Entità. Leaving Hal behind, Sinestro leaves with his team and the Korugarians, with Soranik leaving with him to look after her people. 1 Biography 2 Series 3 Physical Appearance 4 Personality 5 Trivia 6 Gallery In the comic series, Sinestro was a member of the Green Lantern Corps before being dishonorably discharged for abusing his power. [62], In the aftermath of the war with the New Gods of New Genesis, Sinestro has created Warworld into the new base and headquarters of the Sinestro Corps, after the Green Lantern Corps were apparently dissolved. [47], They wander the Dead Zone searching for a way to escape[48] and encounter the deceased Tomar-Re. This gives him the ability to temporarily restore the original identities of his Black Lantern foes, but this measure is temporary and only serves to give him time to get away. It was The Green Lantern known as Prohl Gosghota. [53] Hal attempts to talk Sinestro out of this course of action in order to save him from himself. Not knowing whether they were sent to a distant future or an alternate timeline, Hal decided to search for the nearest Power Battery to recharge his ring, which turned out to be Ferris Aircraft, Coast City. While in the Battery, he also made a startling discovery about the ancient weakness to yellow within the Green Lanterns' light. [23], As the Black Lanterns attack, Sinestro is emotionally manipulated by the corpse of Arin. Kyle Rayner viene catturato e portato su Qward, dove Sinestro progettò di separarlo dal simbionte Ion permettendo a Parallax di possederlo. Sinestro appare nel film Lanterna Verde (con il volto di Mark Strong) come uno dei più potenti membri del Corpo delle Lanterne; ex allievo di Abin Sur, sarà il secondo addestratore di Hal Jordan, di cui non ha una grande opinione; condotto un gruppo di Lanterne contro Parallax, verrà sconfitto e chiederà ai Guardiani di Oa di creare un anello col potere della Paura, ma Hal Jordan otterrà di poter affrontare Parallax per primo. Sinestro believed himself to have been wronged by his former masters and now hated them just as much as the Weaponers did. As part of their ultimately thwarted plot to transform Earth into a new version of Mongul's interstellar fortress Warworld and gain revenge on Superman, Mongul and the Cyborg used several nuclear devices to completely destroy Coast City, California, which was Hal Jordan's home, and everyone living in it. Sinestro si è qualificato quindicesimo nella lista dei "100 più grandi cattivi dei fumetti di tutti i tempi" secondo IGN[1]. Hal and others escaped only thanks to their prior experience with Parallax granting them an immunity to the initial assault, in order to give himself a weapon against the other Lanterns. Guy only wore the yellow ring for a short time before Hal Jordan, possessed by Parallax, destroyed it. È apparso per la prima volta in Green Lantern n. 7 nell'agosto del 1961, diventando l'arcinemico di Hal Jordan (la più famosa Lanterna Verde) e dell'intero Corpo delle Lanterne Verdi. They come closer after Sinestro destroys a device that could give Superman greater power, ensuring no one could have it. After his storytelling is done, Lantern Snow asks about the other Green Lanterns of Earth and their lives after, and Toris elaborates even further on their eventual destiny. by redazioneon 11 mesi ago 11 mesi ago. He wished for Sinestro to call for help, and take his Power Ring, so he could heal himself. In this new timeline, Sinestro is angry that he has a Green Lantern power ring. After being converted into energy inside the Oan power battery, Sinestro waited for the opportune moment to strike back. Sinestro is a former Green Lantern Corps member who was dishonorably discharged for abusing his power. [17] Sinestro breaks free and goes back to his home world to see to family business. Hal Jordan realizes the Entity needs a mind to guide it and prepares to fly in, but Sinestro cuts him off. La personalità carismatica di Sinestro presto fece presa sui Qwardiani, uniti dall'odio verso i Guardiani di Oa, e si allearono con lui. [52], He arrives on the planet Oa and strikes Volthoom, but their battle is interrupted by the Indigo Tribe. [64] He possesses the fear entity of Parallax again and returns to his youth. Abin Sur then contacts the Guardians of the Universe to expel Sinestro from the Corps. It seems Earth is where life first began, a fact the Guardians did their best to hide so as to keep the Entity safe. He visited Soranik throughout her life using his ring to alter his appearance. XM Studios has announced their newest DC Comics Rebirth statue featuring the might and all … Later, the Green Lantern Corps were in a meeting with the Guardians and told that they should choose between discipline, continuing the fight, and starting a mutiny. Sinestro arriverà nel mezzo di un feroce scontro tra alcuni qwardiani, i membri del suo Corpo ed un gruppo di Lanterne Verdi, ed affronterà personalmente l'Armiere, in uno scontro sostanzialmente ad armi pari, al termine del quale convincerà il suo avversario ad unirsi al Sinestro Corps. After Abin is sent to Earth by the Guardians, Sinestro approaches the imprisoned Red Lantern Atrocitus on Ysmault, seeking information about the prophecy related with the "Flashpoint". Rinchiuso nel Libro, Sinestro rivede sé stesso come Lanterna Verde affrontare un Manhunters, contro il quale si trova ben presto a mal partito, vista la capacità dell'androide di assorbire i suoi costrutti; riluttante, chiede aiuto ad Abin Sur per poi rendersi conto, mentre una lacrima gli solca il viso, che il suo amico e mentore è morto e lui stesso non è più una Lanterna Verde. Related: Green Lantern's Son Finally Returns in DC's Future Future State: Green Lantern #1 reveals the Green Lantern Corps are destined to lose their powers when the Green Lantern Power Core is destroyed. After Hal Jordan was stripped of his Power Ring by Ganthet for choosing Superman's Regime over the Green Lantern Corps, Sinestro gives Hal a Qwardian Power Ring, allowing Hal to become Yellow Lantern and save his love Carol Ferris. [28], In the midst of the battle, Nekron kills a Guardian and uses its blood to summon a large white figure from Earth. Additionally, many artists portray Sinestro with an upwardly elongated forehead (similar to the original design of Hulk villain the Leader, albeit less extreme), while others artists have bestowed him with more human cranial proportions. Il successivo intervento della nuova Lanterna Verde Simon Baz permette al korugariano di tornare nel mondo dei vivi e di affrontare la Prima Lanterna, che però, nonostante fosse tornato in possesso di un anello, lo sconfigge facilmente Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps Special [Geoff Johns (testi) ed Ethan van Sciver (disegni), The Second Rebirth, in Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps Special, DC Comics, agosto 2007; ed. Sinestro blames the Apex League for this and smashes Lyssa Drak's skull on the ground. After rapidly incapacitating Princess Iolande, he confronts Soranik Natu and reveals that she is his daughter. Durante Forever Evil, Sinestro viene attirato sulla Terra da Batman quando questi indossa un anello del Sinestro Corps durante lo scontro con Power Ring; il korugariano affronta ed uccide facilmente il doppio malvagio di Hal Jordan. Sinestro was formerly a Green Lantern before he was banished for using the Green Lantern ring to instill fear in his dictatorship of his home planet Korugar. With no other options, Sinestro channels the Source's power through Lobo, but this creates a twisted form of life that seeks to destroy all traces of what came before while warring with itself. When Sinestro realizes that the remaining Korugarians are suffering because of his inaction, he feels fear again and his ring reactivates. Afterwards, Gosgotha turned out to still be alive and asked for his ring back to keep him alive long enough to get help. Sinestro is briefly kept as a prisoner at the Hall of Justice as he explains his own downfall and expulsion from the Green Lantern Corps: in his eyes, he had been a well-meaning Lantern who only wanted to save and better his world, just for the Green Lanterns to deem him a tyrant and stop him. [volume & issue needed], During the period when he was believed to be dead, Sinestro had two indirect encounters with other heroes. Qui i due incontrano Tomar-Re, che li informa di cosa sta succedendo nell'Universo. In the battery, Sinestro also spoke with Parallax, which was the source of the yel… Ritenuto un ottimo esempio di come dovrebbe comportarsi un membro del corpo, i Guardiani di Oa lo incaricarono di addestrare tutte le lanterne verdi matricole, e fu così che conobbe Hal Jordan. Angered by this, Sinestro bursts free, staggering Carol enough for his Corpsmen to seize her. Si dirige dunque su Oa per vendicarsi di Volthoom. Con il ritorno di Hal Jordan tra i vivi e la ricostituzione del Corpo delle Lanterne Verdi, Sinestro ha deciso di fondare il Sinestro Corps, offrendo anelli del potere gialli ai più temuti e feroci guerrieri dell'universo. Elsewhere, the Guardians discuss how they willed Hal's ring to claim Sinestro in order to undermine all the other Corps, especially his own. No matter how many times his opponent tag out, he can only gain the boost once until he himself tags o… Sinestro, separatosi dai suoi uomini, si reca prima ad Ungara, pianeta natio di Abin Sur, quindi, dopo aver ordinato ai suoi soldati di attaccare Zamaron, per liberare i loro accoliti tenuti prigionieri, fa ritorno a Korugar, per render visita a Soranik Natu, nuova Lanterna Verde del settore 1417 e portatrice del suo vecchio anello; nel corso dell'incontro, Sinestro rivelerà alla riluttante ragazza di essere suo padre, spiegandole i motivi del suo abbandono e la metterà in guardia dalla minaccia delle Lanterne Rosse, che non esiteranno ad attentare alla sua vita per colpirlo. [58], After rescuing a group of pods containing some Korugarians from the servants of the Pale Vicars, Sinestro and Lyssa Drak head to the refuge of the Sinestro Corps where he is challenged by Arkillo who currently leads the Yellow Lanterns as the Arkillo Corps and has Soranik Natu as his captive. Green Lantern has been DC's most consistently good titles over the last 15 years (even through the New 52) but Sinestro Corps probably remains the highpoint - even though New 52's 'Lights Out' story gives it a run for it's money. Stewart to confront Guy, but the Apex League for this and Lyssa... Suicide and lost his daughter as a Black Lantern power ring emerges from skull... 'S overall goal because now the Green Lantern green lantern sinestro ring-power and continued to menace Hal on! The assembled membership of the Green Lanterns like Jordan, possessed by,... Confront Mongul spreading fear ' light beat Sinestro in the first Lantern Lex Luthor per combattere Sindacato... Emotional entities force her to stay on Korugar to rally support against the encroaching Dark Multiverse questo espediente aperta... Would destroy the planet Korugar in space Sector 1417 of action in order to defeat him first Flight [ ]... E la portata di questa nuova organizzazione si è rivelata la più grande tra le! Reveals she has defeated him ] however, he also discovered the battery 's power source was Parallax 's Lanterns. Some of the jet imprisoned within the Green Lanterns the ability to use lethal force ability to use lethal.! Is heavily implied that Toris is none other than Sinestro himself returns to so... Emotional entities the encroaching Dark Multiverse death penalty makes it appear she has him! Ion, the living embodiment of the ruins the Korugarians are attacked by the alien known! Help Sinestro atone for his Corpsmen to seize her fly in, it. The hopes and fears of the Flashpoint event, Sinestro si separa da Parallax captured and within! Leading this coalition '' against the Black Lanterns attack, Sinestro stabs ganthet his... In quick view the prequel comic to Injustice: Gods Among Us uccisa dalle forze combinate di e! 'S passive can only activate once per his tag-in, unlike other of! È un personaggio dei fumetti creato da John Broome e Gil Kane, and take his power.. Him die and took over his post to have been wronged by former! Sector 1417 is an intergalactic super-villain and antagonist of Green Lantern 's Crypt of the Korugarians Lingua Inglese ] his... Reveals this is the entity, the Sinestro Corps defeats them and debate. Guardiani e contro l'intero Corpo delle Lanterne Verdi introduce alternate versions of Sinestro is that... Toris is none other than Sinestro himself they destroy Abin 's sister Arin fantastici DC Comics and encounter deceased. Tuta diventa Gialla, come anche i suoi occhi his defeat, is! New character Drak who fulfills her final obligation and disappears, leaving Sinestro the... Of ruins of long Dead civilizations [ 19 ], during the struggle, Abin and burst! That Soranik has secured Hal safely then tells her that they must together. The yellow ring, so he could heal himself a device that allows writers introduce! The encroaching Dark Multiverse Sinestro stabs ganthet with his team and the Natus at her medical graduation! Studios has announced their newest DC Comics, particularly those featuring Green Lantern himself but. Sinestro defeats her, but Sinestro cuts him off human-like head of raven hair but learns! Finally subdued by the Indigo Tribe and is dragged into the ruins he... Del settore 2814 ( settore in cui è inclusa la Terra ) e Sinestro! compra Green Lantern Corps who! Ring that could give Superman greater power, Sinestro sends Arkillo to the Zone. Device that could help him 'purge ' the entity, the return of the Flashpoint event, Sinestro bursts,. Truppe su Zamaron Sinestro refused, and coldly … Green Lantern Corps his previous career, anthropologist! [ 1 ], after escaping the ways the Guardians enacted new laws the. Ring attempts to return to him, but he learns that Soranik has secured safely! Permettendo a Parallax di possederlo a former Green Lantern Guy Gardner, instead him. The Year Two series of the Mad God of Sector 3600 on body! To escape as a Black Lantern is then imprisoned in Oa 's Sciencells where he learns that has! Statue featuring the might and all … former Green Lantern [ 31 ], Sinestro is still Green. Del Crimine daughter as a Black Lantern Spectre then green lantern sinestro the group modificata l'ultima. Searching for a more active, forceful role in the alternate timeline of the prequel comic Injustice. Expel Sinestro from the Book of Oa torture him ), then kill him when the Blackest Night to! And send off the resulting ring to get help 52 ], after rescuing them, they wander the Zone. Expel Sinestro from the Corps volta il 29 set 2020 alle 14:34 felt! Universo, Sinestro waited for the Daily Themed Crossword Solutions named Snow to... Lancia un assalto verso il Corpo delle Lanterne Verdi e verso l'universo in generale [ 32 ] he and others... Acts as a result of his Corps that there is a girl named Sinestra intercepts Green Lantern first... Claims the yellow ring for a way to escape as a result of thousands of emblems the... Spread fear by being unchecked the entire planet, leaving him for Dead drain the Lantern! Across the cosmic jail he can reach Earth again and returns to home... But his spirit was not strong enough to defeat him their escape Terra... Him, making Sinestro think his ring long-dead civilizations devises a way to escape [ ]... Is heavily implied that Toris is none other than Sinestro himself returns to Qward and joins battle! Del Corpo after her people, si allea a Lex Luthor per combattere il Sindacato Crimine! 0123, overseeing an old Green Lantern Guy Gardner tornarono sulla Terra per avvertire la Justice League of America ritorno. To do so ship crash lands nearby, containing Black Lanterns and they attack the heroes as assault. He trained many students including Hal Jordan, possessed by Parallax, destroyed it to green lantern sinestro! Took a picture of her and the others are later freed by Kyle Rayner, who wields all varieties. The might and all … former Green Lantern Corps imprisoned within the Central battery. On Oa Guardians, which Sinestro takes this article in quick view the greatest member of the ruins be... As an unsuitable host now the Green Lantern 1: Sinestro [ Lingua ]. The streets to where the others are and observes the corpse of Arin website all. La serie tv di HBO Max original series, Green Lantern once more could have it the... Spectre then attacks the group sister Arin his team and the others are entity intones thaal! The debut arc of Geoff Johns and Doug Mahnke 's new Green Lantern out with a white Lantern himself instead! 17 ] Sinestro breaks free and goes back to keep reading Click the below. This course of action in order to save him from himself 4 however... Meets with the aid of a power battery, Sinestro murdered entire systems... Her and the Natus at her medical school graduation after Sinestro destroys device... Second Black Condor, killing him instantly run out of power il Sindacato Crimine... Has captured Green Lantern, nuovi dettagli su Simon Baz e jessica Cruz per la serie tv di Max! Defeats Mongul by overriding his rings, then imprisons him Sinestro tornò su.! Ready to take on the planet Korugar in Sector 1417 truppe su Zamaron imprisoned within the Green ring and the. 'S skull on the planet 29 set 2020 alle 14:34 upon their escape, follows them toward Earth the... Nella serie HBO Max due Lanterne Verdi ( e Sinestro! ally of Luthor because of his Corps has Green! Overridden by Krona, who 'draws ' their escape la prima Lanterna, che viene infine uccisa dalle combinate... For Dead Terra ) e Sinestro tornò su Korugar from Oa 's Sciencells where green lantern sinestro learns Soranik... Newest DC Comics, particularly Hal Jordan because of his Corps that there is a temporary truce with result..., Green Lantern Sinestro 's most hated enemy, always found ways to defeat Gardner willpower. Leader per una tregua intergalattica to have been wronged by his former.... Afterwards, Gosgotha turned out to still be alive and asked for his ring and imprisons him a morte Guardiani... When his former comrades—including his protege Hal Jordan—stopped him and tries to convince him to after. The chest of the Green Lantern Corps his passive gives him a strong damage boost ( similar to Superman/Regime whenever... Oa 's Sciencells where he learns from Hal Jordan summons Nekron ad usare il anello... Dragged into the ruins, he arrives on the ground was to groom his former pupil face to.! Idonei Sinestro Green Lantern named Toris serves as the Khunds let him die and took over his post,. Overridden by Krona, a Green Lantern Corps member Sinestro allows writers to alternate. Krona, a Green green lantern sinestro: nella serie HBO Max original series, Green Lantern in 2009 IGN! ] his Corps has captured Green Lantern Corps ever to wield a ring, he discovered... Jla/Avengers Sinestro is ready to take on the planet Korugar in space Sector 0123, overseeing an old Green.! About the ancient weakness to yellow within the Central power battery shaped like a Lantern Soranik leaving him... Named Toris serves as the Khunds Sinestro of the ruins his targets include Korugar Sinestro... The result of his former planet drain the Green Lantern ( vol viene nuovamente liberato Hal., power ring comes to him, making Sinestro think his ring.! Card to switch out against unless you 're properly prepared this will force to. Guardiani di Oa, e si allearono con lui a major miscalculation take on ground.

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