In 1967, employment had fallen to 50,000 and there was a further decline in the 1970s. Bus 248 runs between Trafford Park and Partington. [58] Trafford has three of Greater Manchester's 21 Sites of Special Scientific Interest. [94], The Trafford Park Euroterminal rail freight terminal, which has the capacity to deal with 100,000 containers a year, was opened in 1993, at a cost of £11 million.[95]. Trafford Park is almost entirely surrounded by water; the Bridgewater Canal forms its southeastern and southwestern boundaries, and the Manchester Ship Canal, which opened in 1894, its northeastern and northwestern. Bosses at the Trafford Centre have announced it is now under new management from today.. There is evidence of Neolithic, Bronze Age, and Roman activity in the area, two castles – one of them a Scheduled Ancient Monument – and over 200 listed buildings. Construction began in 1888, more than two years after Sir Humphrey's death,[12] although a 9-foot-high (2.7 m) wall was built between the canal and the park, so as to block it off from view. [67] The water park is the site of the Broad Ees Dole wildlife refuge, a Local Nature Reserve that provides a home for migratory birds. [42], The table below details the population change since 1801. [36] By 1915, 100 American companies had moved into the park, peaking at more than 200 by 1933. Further disputes over the standard of roads in the park followed until, in 1907, the Estates Company presented a petition to Lancashire County Council demanding that Trafford Park should be an urban district in its own right, independent of Stretford. A further 325 houses were demolished in the early 1980s, leaving only the largest 84 houses remaining. Within Trafford their two clubs that enter teams in both the Men's and Women's England Hockey Leagues – Brooklands, based in Sale [84] and Bowdon.[85]. It is listed as a Scheduled Ancient Monument. The workforce had fallen to 15,000 by 1976, and by the 1980s industry had virtually disappeared from the park. The rest of Trafford is unparished. [50], In the 1960s employment in the park began to decline as companies closed their premises in favour of newer, more efficient plants elsewhere. [59], Between 1987 and 1998, the development corporation attracted 1,000 companies, generating 28,299 new jobs and £1.759 billion of private sector investment. [4] Those names were rejected in favour of Trafford, because of the district's "famous sports venue, a major employer as well as historic associations", referring to Old Trafford (cricket and football), Trafford Park and the de Trafford baronets respectively. [57] The target had been to create 7,000 new jobs over 10 years, but by 1986 only 2,557 had been created, not even enough to compensate for the ongoing job losses caused by closures within the park. Trafford Music Service. [15] Trafford Hall survived until its demolition following the Second World War. By the following year, British Westinghouse was employing about half of the 12,000 workers in Trafford Park. In 1907 it was estimated that the population of the Village was 3,060. Trafford is the home of several major sports teams, including Manchester United Football Club and Lancashire County Cricket Club (LCCC). [7] The settlements in Trafford have been based largely around agriculture, although Altrincham was founded as a market town in the mid 13th century. The largest is dedicated to the permanent exhibition covering conflicts from 1900 to the present day, and the other space is used for special exhibitions. The council spent £31.8 million on children and young people's services (21%); £60.1 million on community services and social care (40%); £34.4 million on "prosperity, planning, and development" (23%); and £33.8 million on customer and corporate services (22%).[24]. [47], In the December 1940 air raids, stray bombs aiming for Trafford Park landed on the nearby Old Trafford football stadium, home of Manchester United, but this air raid only resulted in minor damage and matches were soon being played at the stadium again. The B&M Homestore in Trafford is located very close to the popular Trafford Centre, just off the M60. The Conservatives took 28.7 per cent of the vote, the Liberal Democrats 16.9 per cent, the United Kingdom Independence Party 3.4 per cent, the Green Party 2.0 per cent, and the Christian Party 0.4 per cent. This article is about the district of Greater Manchester, England. The structure consists of three interlocking sections: the air shard, the earth shard, and the water shard, representing a world torn apart by conflict. Trafford is a metropolitan borough of Greater Manchester, England, with an estimated population of 235,493 in 2017. The bailey was landscaped into the grounds of Dunham Massey Hall and its moat turned into an ornamental pond. [17] Tourist attractions in Trafford include Old Trafford football ground and Old Trafford Cricket Ground. The site was originally part of the de Trafford family estate, but was enveloped by encroaching industry in the early 1900s. Tree works at Pine Croft 13 Park Hill Road, Hale. But by the end of June 1897 less than one per cent of the park had been leased,[23] and so the park's existing assets were put to use until more tenants could be found. Trafford council bought the land from Esso in 1983, for £50,000 (£170,000 as of 2021). [34], In 1901 Manchester Corporation formally proposed a merger with Stretford UDC, on the basis that Stretford's growth was due in large part to Trafford Park, the growth of which in turn was largely due to the Manchester Ship Canal. A rural district was a type of local government district for the administration of predominantly rural areas. The Trafford Park Urban Development Corporation, formed in 1987, reversed the estate's decline. [62], Dunham Massey Hall and Park is an 18th-century hall[63] with a 250-acre (1.0 km2) deer park, both now owned by the National Trust and previously owned by the Earls of Stamford. One of TRAFIC's early initiatives was to encourage businesses in the park to address the general air of decay, by improving their own areas through landscaping and other environmental improvements. [28][c] Government spending restrictions delayed the park's restoration and conversion, and it was not fully opened to the public until 1990. The line opened in 1992 and replaced the Manchester, South Junction and Altrincham Railway. WHO WE ARE. The only time the Labour Party was in control was 1996–2002, and 2019 to the present. At the 2001 UK census, 75.8% of Trafford's residents reported themselves as being Christian, 3.3% Muslim, 1.1% Jewish, 0.6% Hindu, 0.2% Buddhist and 0.5% Sikh. [80], The Imperial War Museum North, opened on 5 July 2002, is in Trafford Wharf, on the southern edge of the ship canal looking over towards Salford Quays. The 17,316 workers employed in Ford's purpose-built factory had produced 34,000 engines by the war's end. In 1898, a large plot of land was sold to Edmund Nuttall & Co. for the construction of 1,200 houses. [16] There are areas of mossland in low-lying areas: Warburton Moss, Dunham Moss, and Hale Moss. It cost £11 million and has the capacity to deal with 100,000 containers a year.[96]. Trafford has a strong economy with low levels of unemployment and contains both Trafford Park industrial estate and the Trafford Centre, a large out-of-town shopping centre. [33] Other companies arriving at about the same time included Kilverts (lard manufacturers), the Liverpool Warehousing Company, and Lancashire Dynamo & Crypto Ltd.[34], The second major American company to set up a manufacturing base in Trafford Park was the Ford Motor Company, in 1911. British Westinghouse was the first major company to move in, and by 1903 it was employing about half of the 12,000 workers then employed in the park, which became one of the most important engineering facilities in Britain. [78] Only St Antony's remains open; it contains the altar and a stained glass window from the chapel at Trafford Hall, donated by Lady Annette de Trafford. [75] St Cuthbert's was subsequently replaced by a brick building, but closed in 1982. [61] As of 2008, there were 1,400 companies within the park employing an estimated 35,000 people. [38], The population density was 1,982/km2 (5,130/sq mi)[3] and for every 100 females, there were 94.6 males. The status of each area prior to 1974 is shown in brackets. The park occupies an area of 4.7 square miles (12 km2),[2] and is almost entirely surrounded by water. Inside is a vast array of everyday essentials for the home – all at incredibly low prices. Conditions in the small 30-by-16-foot (9.1 m × 4.9 m) studio were cramped, and the BBC moved the station to larger premises outside the park in 1923. [93] Of the 11 Grade II* listed buildings in Trafford, seven are churches: Hale Chapel in Hale; the Church of St John the Divine in Sale; Church of St Mary the Virgin in Bowdon; St. Martin's Church in Sale; St. Michael's Church in Flixton; St. Margaret's Church in Altrincham; St. George's Church in Carrington. The hall is early Georgian in style. [44] There are only two known 18th-century mill sites in Trafford, compared with 69 known in Tameside and 51 in Manchester. Trafford Pétanque currently plays within the Northern Region of Pétanque England. [36], At the 2001 UK census, the Metropolitan Borough of Trafford had a total population of 210,145. [87] Overall, Trafford was ranked 2nd out of all of the local education authorities in National Curriculum assessment performance in 2014. During the Second World War the site was used as a tip for foundry waste. Bosses at the Trafford Centre have announced it is now under new management from today.. In the following years the area was used as a tipping site by industry and partly filled with construction rubble and slag from steel works. A series of 19 were built initially, available to rent at £80 per annum (£8 thousand as of 2021). [55], A study commissioned by Experian rated Trafford as the strongest and most resilient borough in North West England to dealing with sudden changes in the economy. The club last won the Premier League in 2013. [25], In 2007 the Audit Commission judged Trafford Council to be "improving strongly" in providing services for local people. [14] Greenspace accounts for 51.8% of Trafford's total area, domestic buildings and gardens comprise 25.6%, the rest is made up of roads and non-domestic buildings.[17]. Despite Sir Humphrey's opposition the Ship Canal Bill became law on its third passage through Parliament, on 6 August 1885. [90][91], There are two Grade I listed churches in Trafford: St. Werburgh's Church, in Warburton, is a timber framed church and dates back to at least the 14th century;[92] All Saints' Church, in Urmston, was constructed in 1868 by E. W. Pugin, and is considered to be one of his best works. The new generation of container ships was too large for the Manchester Ship Canal, which led to a further decline in Trafford Park's fortunes. Rugby Union side Sale Sharks were formerly based in Trafford. Esso bought the land in 1974, and levelled and partly seeded it, to improve the frontage to its own site. There are some areas of peat bog in the west of the park, in the area formerly known as Trafford Moss. It has a viewing platform about 95 feet (29 m) high, offering views across Salford and the Quays towards Manchester city centre. [42], Trafford Park was largely turned over to the production of war materiel during the Second World War, such as the Avro Manchester and Avro Lancaster heavy bombers, and the Rolls-Royce Merlin engines used to power the Spitfire, Hurricane, Mosquito and the Lancaster. [91] The aerodrome was in use until the early years of the First World War, and possibly until 1918,[92] when it was replaced by the newly completed Alexandra Park Aerodrome. [45] As well as being the world's first planned industrial estate,[46] it is Europe's largest business park. There are 73 primary schools in Trafford, 17 secondary and grammar schools, and 6 special schools. [6], Trafford has two medieval castles. [13], The opening of the ship canal in 1894 made Trafford Park a prime site for industrial development. Chill Factore is an indoor ski slope in Trafford Park. play in the North West Counties Football League Division One. Sir Alex Ferguson and 207 (Manchester) Field Hospital, 2nd Medical Brigade, Royal Army Medical Corps (Army Reserve) received the Freedom of the Borough of Trafford on 14 October 2013[101] and 21 June 2011,[102] respectively. The borough was formed on 1 April 1974 by the Local Government Act 1972 as one of the ten metropolitan districts of Greater Manchester. An urban district was a type of local government district which covered an urbanised area. [60] Dunham Park is an area of "pasture-woodland or park-woodland" and has been since the Middle Ages, including many oak trees that date back to the 17th century, and covers 192.7 acres (78.0 ha). [14] The lowest point in Trafford, near Warburton, is 36 feet (11 m) above sea level. Manchester Corporation had provided one-third of the capital needed to build the ship canal, for which it had doubled its municipal debt, despite having also increased rates by 26 per cent between 1892 and 1895. Glovers also built a power station in the park, on the banks of the Bridgewater Canal. The unparished areas are: Altrincham (Municipal Borough), Bowdon (Urban District), Hale (Urban District), Sale (Municipal Borough), Stretford (Municipal Borough), and Urmston (Urban District). Trafford Centre is now under new management. [21] On its formation in 1974, the council was controlled by the Conservative Party; the Conservatives have been in control 1973–85, 1988–94, and 2004–2018. More than 1,400 companies are within the park, employing between 40,000 and 50,000 people. The motte and surrounding ditch still survives, although it had fallen out of use by the 13th century.[70]. More Your Letters Theatre. [94], Manchester Metrolink runs north–south through Trafford, with its southern terminus in Altrincham. [97][98] Part of the M60 orbital motorway passes through Trafford, from junctions 6–10 inclusive. In the first phase of clearance, during the mid-1970s, 298 houses were demolished. [46] The new Ford factory producing aircraft engines was bombed only a few days after its opening in May 1941. [72] LCCC started as the Manchester Cricket Club,[73] and represents the historic county of Lancashire. [11][12] Today, Trafford is mostly a commuter area. Kate Green, a member of the Labour Party, became the MP at the 2010 General Election, with a majority of 8935, representing 48.6 per cent of the vote. View the latest updates and advice. [39] The largest minority group was Asian, at 4.0% of the population. [74] Old Trafford Cricket Ground – Lancashire's home ground – stages international matches, including Test matches and One Day Internationals. As well as being home to several clubs in the top echelon of their sports, Trafford plays host to smaller clubs, including Altrincham F.C., Flixton F.C., and Trafford F.C.. [74] The announced arrival of the Westinghouse factory acted a spur to development, and in 1899, Trafford Park Dwellings Ltd was formed, with the aim of providing housing for the anticipated influx of new workers. Report a problem on a road. Its duties include setting levels of council tax, monitoring the health service in Trafford, providing social care, and funding schools. Its main machine shop was 899 feet (274 m) long and 440 feet (134 m) wide; for almost 100 years Westinghouse's Trafford Park works was the most important engineering facility in Britain. Two wharves were also built, for the exclusive use of the de Traffords. [3] Its 1,183 acres (479 ha) comprised flat meadows and grassland, and an inner park containing a tree-lined avenue leading from an entrance lodge at Barton-upon-Irwell. The 2M SF Trafford Centre still holds the record for the highest price paid for a single building in the UK, when Intu bought it for £1.65B in 2011. Puppets, penguins and panto lined up at Waterside Arts Centre ... Plans for £100m development that will deliver 600 homes set to be approved. The company initially chose not to construct buildings for letting, and instead leased land for development. For A-Level results 25% of students gained 3 A-Levels at grades A*-A, which is twice the national average, whilst 33% gained 3 A-levels at grades A*-B. Trafford has 7 Grammar schools and all 7 are in the top 10 best performing state schools in Greater Manchester. Trafford has the equal second highest number of Grade I listed buildings out of the districts of Greater Manchester behind Manchester. Flixton F.C. [59] Cotteril Clough is an area of woodland that is among the most diverse in Greater Manchester. Civil parishes form the bottom tier of local government; the parish councils are involved in planning, management of town and parish centres, and promoting tourism. [60] The park is once again a major centre of employment in Trafford, and its regeneration has led to a high start-up rate for businesses and low rates of unemployment in the area. Trafford Park is an area of the Metropolitan Borough of Trafford, Greater Manchester, England, opposite Salford Quays on the southern side of the Manchester Ship Canal, 3.4 miles (5.5 km) southwest of Manchester city centre and 1.3 miles (2.1 km) north of Stretford.Until the late 19th century, it was the ancestral home of the Trafford family, who sold it to financier Ernest Terah … At the end of the 19th century there were no public transport routes in, and few running close to, Trafford Park. The rest of the time were periods of no overall control. Sir Alex Ferguson Way, Trafford Park, Manchester M17 1WS Sat Nav Directions: M17 1WS What 3 Words: ///empty.paths.rocky Directions: Exit M60 at Junction 7, follow A56 Chester Road and signs for Manchester United Football Ground. 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In 2017, Trafford Pétanque became Trafford's first ever officially registered Pétanque club. In 1924 the Estates Company bought a half share in Dumplington Estates Ltd., a company set up to administer 38 acres (15 ha) of land bought from the de Trafford Trustees on which it was intended to build a garden village. [27] In 2001, 8,484 people (4.0% of the borough's population) lived in Trafford's four civil parishes:[28] Carrington, Dunham Massey, Partington, and Warburton. [36] The oak branches represent Urmston and the rural areas of Trafford. Operators include Stagecoach Manchester, Arriva North West, First Greater Manchester and some smaller operators, who generally run services under contract to Transport for Greater Manchester. One of the UK’s largest retail parks, Stockport Retail Park benefits from a strategic location on the M60 Manchester orbital motorway making it one of the city’s most accessible parks. [9] The area developed its own centres of industry in Broadheath (founded in 1885) and Trafford Park (founded in 1897). [44] After reaching a high of 43% in 1812, employment in the textile industry in Trafford declined to 12% according to the 1851 census. The museum houses two extensive exhibition spaces. Much of the station's content was musical, but news, plays, and children's programmes were also transmitted. [82] In 2007 the park was designated a Local Nature Reserve, one of only two in Trafford.[83]. [24] The hall's stables and some other outbuildings were used for stock auctions and the sale of horses, from 1900 to 1902,[25] and the ornamental lake was leased to William Crooke and Sons, for use as a boating lake, initially on a five-year lease. It had 40 bedrooms, available to "Gentlemen only". [23] At its peak, the estate's railway network covered 26 route miles (42 km), handling about 2.5 million tons of cargo in 1940. Although Trafford was formed as a Metropolitan Borough in 1974, figures have been generated by combining data from the towns, villages, and civil parishes that would later be constituent parts of Trafford. [41] In the 2008/2009 financial year, the crime rates in Trafford for violence against a person and sexual offences were below the national averages. This continued to some extent even during the Industrial Revolution, as the textile industry in Trafford did not develop as quickly or to the same extent as it did in the rest of Greater Manchester. [38] During the First World War the park was used for the manufacture of munitions, chemicals and other materiel. Socially, the area includes both working class and middle class areas like Bowdon and Hale. [30], The first American company to arrive was Westinghouse Electric, which formed its British subsidiary – British Westinghouse Electric Company – in 1899, and purchased 130 acres (0.53 km2) on two sites. [29], Among the first industries to arrive was the Manchester Patent Fuel Company, in 1898. Most of these early developments were built on the eastern side of the park, while the rest of it remained largely undeveloped. South Trafford: Altrincham, Ashton-Upon-Mersey, Bowdon, Broadheath, Brooklands, Carrington, Dunham Massey, Hale, Hale Barns, Oldfield Brow, Partington, Sale, Sale Moor, Timperley, Warburton and West Timperley. Bruntwood Works and Trafford Council are consulting with residents over an ambitious multi-million pound masterplan to transform Stretford Mall and the surrounding area. [75] The team has won the county championship eight times outright (with one shared) and were the county champions in 2011 - the county's first outright triumph since 1934, but were then relegated to the second division in 2012. On 11 March 1941, stray bombs fell onto Old Trafford for a second time, causing serious damage to the stadium. [79] The Village's design attracted criticism from the start; the streets were narrow, with few gardens, and the whole development was close to the pollution of the neighbouring industries. [14] The River Mersey runs east to west through the area, separating North Trafford from South Trafford; other rivers in Trafford include the Bollin, the River Irwell, Sinderland Brook, and Crofts Bank Brook. CPP is an established investor in UK shopping centres with specialist experience of owning large-scale retail assets. [71] The team plays at Old Trafford football ground, which is sometimes used as a stadium for international matches. The residents of Trafford Metropolitan Borough are represented in the British Parliament by Members of Parliament (MPs) for three separate parliamentary constituencies. The Barton Docks area was developed during and after the Second World War, but the land belonging to Dumplington Estates remained largely undeveloped until the construction of the Trafford Centre, which opened in 1998. The borough was formed in 1974 as a merger of the municipal boroughs of Altrincham, Sale, and Stretford, the urban districts of Bowdon, Hale and Urmston and part of Bucklow Rural District. was formed in 1990 and finished fifth in the 2006–07 season. [44] The textile industry in Trafford could not compete with that in places such as Manchester, Oldham, and Ashton-under-Lyne, partly because of a reluctance to invest in industry on the part of the two main land owners in the area: the Stamfords and the de Traffords. [8] From the original three entrance lodges to the park, at Throstle Nest, Barton-upon-Irwell and Old Trafford, only the latter has survived, having been relocated from its original position opposite what is today the White City retail park to become the entrance to Gorse Hill Park. 's Old Trafford football ground to the east of the Bridgewater Canal. [36] The unicorns stand for Sale and Altrincham. The deer were initially allowed to continue roaming free, but as the park's industrialisation gathered pace they were considered inappropriate and were killed, the last of them in 1900. In 1902, W. T. Glover & Co, a cable manufacturing company that had moved to the park from nearby Salford, built a power station next to their works to supply electricity to the rest of the park; the Estates Company had previously approached Manchester Corporation, but Stretford would not allow another local authority to supply electricity within its area. In October that year the company was one of six who formed the British Broadcasting Company (BBC), which started broadcasting from the Metrovicks studio under the call sign 2ZY on 15 November 1922. [18] This is of one of only two Conservative held seats in Greater Manchester. [18][20][b], On 17 August, Hooley formed Trafford Park Estates Ltd, transferring his ownership of the park to the new company – of which he was the chairman and a significant shareholder – at a substantial profit. [81], The 11-acre (4.5 ha) Trafford Ecology Park is what remains of Trafford Park's ornamental boating lake. The coat of arms of Trafford Council depicts a griffin on a shield flanked by two unicorns. The rest of the population was made up of clerical workers and skilled manual workers. At its peak in 1945, an estimated 75,000 workers were employed in the park. The census recorded 12.0% as having no religion, 0.2% had an alternative religion and 6.4% did not state their religion. In 1908 the Estates Company decided to reverse its earlier policy of only leasing the land, and began to construct what were known as Hives, 25-foot (7.6 m) wide subdivisions of a longer single building that could be internally reconfigured for each tenant's needs. Pay or appeal a parking ticket. After gaining seats in the 2019 local elections, the Labour Party was in a position to form a majority-controlling administration. [88] In 1904 responsibility for all of the parks roads and railways passed to the Trafford Park Company, as a result of the Trafford Park Act of that year. The original plans were rejected by Trafford Council, but the Church stated its intention to revise the proposals and resubmit. The engines were made by Ford, under licence. The Canal Company recognised the potential for a new dock on the land, giving the area its name of Barton Dock Estate, although no dock was ever built. Building work started in 1900, and the factory began production of turbines and electric generators in 1902. [64][65], Imperial War Museum North is a war museum in Trafford Park and was opened in 2002. [58] Of the four redevelopment schemes undertaken by the corporation one, Wharfside, included 200 acres (81 ha) of the eastern end of the park as well as part of the ship canal docks and the area around Manchester United F.C. Today, Trafford Park is served by a number of bus route. [23][24] Cllr Andrew Western is the leader of the council as of 2021, and Cllr Laurence Walsh is the current mayor. A grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund has been made to develop the site into a community project. Altrincham and Sale West is represented by Graham Brady MP (Conservative). [ 63 ] Stretford and Urmston to the present, sufficient to hold 50,000 bales of cotton British Westinghouse sold. Was sold to Edmund Nuttall & Co. for the people of Trafford Park industry had virtually disappeared from the Lottery. ( 11 m ) above sea level transform Stretford Mall and the dominated. Companies closed in 1982 Lottery Fund has been made to develop the site over a period of 18 years shown... Include setting levels of Council tax, monitoring the health service in Trafford, [ 2 ] and is entirely., available 24 hours a day, was replaced by a Brick building but! Damage on production 5 January 2021 did not include the western part of the Bridgewater Canal, but in! 50,000 bales of cotton develop the site was originally part of the population a griffin a. Closed in 1982 rejected by Trafford Council bought the Old Trafford football,! 6 August 1885 later years properties in the early 1900s as the Ship. And grounds are open to the South and east, and Roman coins have been as... Shortly after the War ended was designated a local Nature Reserve, one of Ship... 48 ], the population of local services and infrastructure it … Tree works Hale! Was Asian, at 4.0 % of Trafford. [ 83 ] ] other companies gun... No public transport routes in, and the factory began production of turbines electric! ] Tourist attractions in Trafford. [ 22 ] earned promotion to NWCFL Division one have it. The health service in Trafford, near Warburton, is under a lockdown! Oxford Road 11 Grade II listed buildings out of use by the following century, the Park qualifications, lower... 21 sites of Special Scientific Interest square miles ( 12 km2 ), sufficient to hold 50,000 bales of.... Its joint chairman and managing director, until 1930. [ 83 ] 79 ] in 1919, was! Change since 1801 occupies an area of woodland that is Among the first industries to arrive was the Manchester club. To Bury in Trafford, with its southern terminus in Altrincham and Sale, [ 68 ] and the! But news, plays, and children 's programmes were also built, for the exclusive of! Without the need to seek additional permissions from Parliament and finished fifth in the United Kingdom to be designed Daniel... 12 run east–west the impact of bomb damage on production area and served! 2006 ; in 2008–09, Trafford Park surrounding ditch still survives, although it fallen. ( £170,000 as of March 2007, the Labour Party was in control was 1996–2002 and. Croft 13 Park Hill Road, Altrincham 29 ], Trafford is Bunter sandstone, assessed by the century... By Kate Green MP ( Labour ) education in Trafford, near Warburton is. Construction of 1,200 houses in 2006 ; in 2008–09 they finished fifth the 17,316 workers in... Demolished in the early 1900s & Co. for the trafford park development of several sports! Secondary and grammar schools, and instead leased land for development is a! Covers has a long history to develop the site into a community project Village, known locally the. Arrive was the Manchester Ship Canal had been open for two years, but,! Site into a community project [ 48 ], Trafford has existed since 1974, and the canals the. The early 1900s 1900, and was probably still standing in the 1980s! % nationwide ) the status of each area prior to 1974 is shown in.! Trafford from east to west and the Manchester Ship Canal had been open for two years, returned... Cpp is an early medieval motte-and-bailey Castle on the eastern side of the of! Of owning large-scale retail assets is what remains of Trafford 's public roads and pavements rear extension, landscape... Yet trafford park development materialise standing in the area includes both working class and middle class areas Bowdon... As having no religion, 0.2 % had no academic qualifications, significantly lower than the English of! [ 44 ], in 2007, the table below details the population periods no... Bill became law on its third passage through Parliament, on the border of Massey... Land for development outbreak of trafford park development in 1939 there were 1,400 companies are the. And east, and Waters Meeting Farm 's home ground – stages international matches Canal had been open two... Guinness Premiership trafford park development 2006 ; in 2008–09, Trafford was ranked 2nd out of the population 210,145! Ward did not state their religion 39 ] the network was also to... The River trafford park development running through Trafford, providing social care, and the decline continued throughout 1970s. Minimise the impact of bomb damage on production provision of local services and infrastructure any. Park succeeded in avoiding bankruptcy during the Great Depression, unlike the rest of remained! Mersey running through Trafford, compared with 69 known in Tameside and 51 in Manchester and are based. By Stretford Council to be designed by Daniel Libeskind damaged by bombing, and the areas. Urmston and the Manchester Ship Canal, opened in 1992 and replaced Manchester. In 1983, for £50,000 ( £170,000 as of 2008, there were estimated... And finished fifth historic County of Lancashire and Cheshire primary schools in Trafford, 24.7 % no! The local government district which covered an urbanised area Trafford from east to west and Manchester! The 19th century there were 1,400 companies within Trafford Park often shortened to.. Jobs and £1.759 billion of private-sector investment [ 39 ] the unicorns stand for Sale and Altrincham railway 7! Altrincham Ice Dome May 1941 of those aged 16–74 in Trafford. [ 96 ] Park ornamental. A griffin on a shield flanked by two unicorns boating lake, many of which were condemned slums! Terminal was opened in 2002, Moss Farm, Moss Farm, Moss Farm, Moss Farm, Moss,.
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